Want to Play Risk Online?

As an avid Risk player over a number of years, I found that over time my friends and family who I used to regularly play against moved on to other things and were just not as available to sit around a game board for hours at an end like we used to. I've now moved into the world of playing risk online and have played on most all the sites out there. I've ranked the best ones for you so that you don't have to go through the pain of weeding out the bad ones. Good luck and happy rolling!

Tom Allen

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The Top 5 Sites to Play Risk Online


WarGear Risk

WarGear has been around for 2 years and has firmly entrenched itself at the top of the online Risk gaming website ladder. It now has 100's of boards to play on including all the Risk classics and has a top of the line gaming engine offering a huge amount of gameplay flexibility. The game player is compatible with all major browsers including iOS and Android and a hugely strong community means new board designs are frequently available and offer a fun and varied gaming experience. Highly recommended. VISIT SITE>

Gameplay: 88    Community: 92  Features: 95  Maps: 88  Fun: 75



risk dominating12

Dominating12 offers a superior gameplaying experience to some of the older websites and has an excellent realtime game playing engine and game finder which will help you satisfy that urge for real time gaming action. The site has a clean fresh design and offers a new take on the online Risk game playing experience. The site has recently changed ownership, in the hands of a new developer this may risk impacting the future prospects for the site. VISIT SITE>

Gameplay: 69    Community: 75  Features: 78  Maps: 78  Fun: 62



risk landgrab

Landgrab offers some great map design which means that it remains a contender but the site is starting to show it's age and appears to have had little developer attention given to it in recent months. As a result the community size is decreasing and the overall vitality of the site appears to be ebbing away. Landgrab offers some excellent rule customisation options which set it apart from most of the other sites. VISIT SITE>

Gameplay: 69    Community: 45  Features: 71  Maps: 91  Fun: 81



risk conquerclub

ConquerClub is the oldest and largest site on which you can play Risk online. However after many years at the top it has now inspired a legion of imitators, many of whom now offer a superior gameplaying experience. Whilst the community is still vibrant, development of the game engine and player has seeminly stalled for a number of years and it is now severely lacking in a number of different areas. Still, the boards are very high quality and offer a wide variety of games. VISIT SITE>

Gameplay: 35    Community: 85  Features: 45  Maps: 95  Fun: 81



risk warlight

Warlight started promisingly around 3 years ago and was initially a Silverlight based website (Microsoft's ill-fated Flash challenger). Since then the site has been updated to use Adobe Flash and in some areas is a leader of the pack - in particular the zoomable, highly detailed vector based boards. However this reliance on vector graphics means the boards look very plain without the richness offered by most of the other bitmap image based sites. The community is relatively small and needs to delevop futher to be a real contender. VISIT SITE>

Gameplay: 65    Community: 46  Features: 56  Maps: 35  Fun: 56